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SWAT gear across the US as well as Police Tactical Gear and Breacher Gear for use by Bomb Squads, SORT and Patrolmen but more importantly we support Law Enforcement.

Since 2014, our brothers and sisters in Blue have had a lot of bad press from bad people and the media.  It makes us sick that the few that decide to break laws and blame everyone but themselves for their actions.  

The media is complicit in not pointing out the true facts, rap sheets and Race Baters.  The media used to report the news.  They've exchanged their values and integrity for market share, commercial appeal and appeasement.  The media needs to grow a pair and grow up.

If you're law enforcement, we appreciate you and the sacrifice you and your family makes every day.

When you're looking for SWAT Gear, keep us in mind and if there's something we can help you find, we'll be more than happy to do so.  If we can't get something for you, we'll help you find the place that can.


Steve Cassidy


Training Center Pros, Inc.


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