1 Inch OD Tubular Nylon


1 Inch OD Tubular Nylon

Get 1 Inch OD Tubular Nylon in any length up to 150 feet.  This tubular nylon is ideal for remote pulls and dismounted ops where you have to pull, gather it up and not worry about tangling up for the next remote pull.

$1 per yard

1 Inch OD Tubular Nylon SPECS:

  • 1 Inch wide
  • Approximately .066 Inch or 1.68mm thick
  • 4000 lbs tensile strength
  • Melting points of 500 degrees Fahrenheit 

With a 4000 pound tensile strength, you can be confident you'll be able to remotely pull the heaviest objects.

We recommend a Figure 8 or Bowline Knot as a loop on the end to connect  your grappling hook, carabiner or other tools.  

For larger command orders, we can pre-tie and heat-shrink the knots for immediate dismounted operations.