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5 Inch Vise Grips with Eye Bolt

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    5 Inch Vise Grips with Eye Bolt


    These 5 Inch Vise Grips with Eye Bolt are ideal for the Tactical Hook and Line Kit.

    Having a set of vise-grips is mandatory for any proper HAL Kit.  

    With the Eye Bolt built in, you'll be able to attach your pull line quickly.

    PRO NOTE: The eye is not big enough to put a carabiner through so I highly recommend making an endless loop out of 550 cord.

    • Run the 550 cord through the loop on the vise grip.
    • Take a 12 inch length of 550 cord and make a loop placing the left side over the right.  You'll need extra length on both ends to finish the knot.
    • Wrap the top length through the loop and pull it through to its' original position.
    • Now take the right side over the left side pig tail you just pulled through.
    • Run that through the loop and tighten.  Ta Da!  Square Knot.
    • In short:  Left over Right.  Right over Left.  Tighten.
    • Trim excess pig tail and burn the tips to prevent fraying.
    • Go Navy!

    These 5 Inch Vise Grips with Eye Bolt are tough and will last.  If you happen to get a little crazy and break them, Milwaukee provides a Lifetime Warranty!

    Get a handful for your kit.  You never know when you're going to be doing multiple remote pulls simultaneously.

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