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Best Endurance Compression Sock

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    Best Endurance Compression Sock Ever


    If you're looking for the Best Endurance Compression Sock, look no further!  This is the Swiftwick Aspire 12

    Reduces Swelling!

    Improves Circulation!

    Increases Endurance!

    Those 3 alone are worth getting this sock.  If your wheels go out, you are screwed.


    Because of the incredible technology in this sock, you're not going to get blisters and your feet will stay dry!

    The material this sock is made of is called Olefin which retains less than 0.01% of its weight in moisture, is anti-microbial plus resists deterioration caused by perspiration and detergent (This only applies to those of you that wash your socks).

    Guess what?  No moisture, less stink!  You probably have a friend or two that these socks would be perfect for.  I see someone passing a hat to collect the money now!



    No more getting that weird feeling or blisters caused by the seam across the toe.  Those of us with OCD really appreciate that!


    Why compression?

    It feels great!  Look at it this way, you wear pro gear, life support gear, strap in to what ever you're driving, flying in or harnassed up in.  Why not extend that courtesy to your feet?

    There are 60 joints, 200 ligaments and 35 muscles just in your foot!  If just one of the parts goes down, you may be having a bad day!


    My story:

    Bad down wind landing jumping into Rota Spain in 1998.  Feet, knees, face, tumble, tumble, prickly bush!  My ankle and achilles never really healed up and it feels like driving a car with a flat tire. No stability and the really long runs were a thing of the past.  I ran into the great folks at SwiftWick, they are headquartered about 3 miles from us.  Awesome crew over there.  We go through the entire lineup of socks letting me try on the all the different types and styles of socks.  I'm impressed with all of them and they're certainly better than my current performance socks!

    Finally, I try on the Aspire 12 inch sock and I knew immediately this is going to be my favorite sock ever.  The pain, pins and needles and that driving with a flat tire feeling is gone. 

    I kept them on for 3 days.  My feet didn't get hot, the socks never lost compression and no matter if I was wearing my running shoes, no shoes or hiking boots, they felt great!


    What to Expect:

    When you try on this sock, this what you will experience:

    Compression at its best.  This is the Ferrari of socks.

    Low profile thickness.  Like a second skin.  No bulky drag or bunching at all.

    Durability will hold up to your use and abuse. 

    Lose the stinky feet with unmatched Breathability!  Buy a pair for "That guy!"

    Your feet are going to stay dry.  Wicking is a 10 on a 10 scale even the morning after you wake up.



    Those of you that know me, know I have a big foot!  Size 16 actually!  Naturally I'm wearing the XL which is rated from size 13.5 to 16.

    If you're size 10 to 13, you'll want the Large.

    6 to 9.5 you're going to want the Medium.

    Less than 6, you're in a Small.


    This sock is the Aspire 12 which means it's 12 inches high from your ankle going over your calf.  So not only do you get the compression benefit for your feet but you also get it for your lower legs.  Another benefit is if you're out in the bush.  The socks will help protect you from cuts and scratches caused by thorns, prickly bushes, palmettos and those crazy long vines with those razor sharp needles on them.  Wish I had these while I was in Papua New Guinea!

    If you want the foot compression but want a different sock height, the Aspire comes in the following sizes:

    Zero - You can't see the sock if you're wearing shoes.  Elliminates bad tan lines.

    One - One inch high which will cover your ankle.

    Two - You get the idea.

    Four - A step below mid calf.

    Seven - Mid Calf

    Twelve - The Full Monty listed above.

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    1. Awesome

      Awesome though 5 miles of walking a day. DEFINITE difference from the support. on 7th Feb 2015

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