Lost EOD Tool Guarantee

Posted by Steve Cassidy on 14th Sep 2015

A Lost EOD Tool Guarantee???!!!

There's got to be a catch!

Well actually, there is.  You have to buy your EOD Tool Kit from us!

Why would make a guarantee on tools that EOD Techs use you ask.  Here's why:

It's fun being an EOD Tech most of the time.  When I was a Tech, the old boys would say, "It's not fun anymore.  Too many restrictions."  I don't think I could have handled any more fun than what I was having at the time but I have seen a change over the last decade.  Change isn't always bad and it's probably needed to make us as Techs do a better job all around.

I'm constantly asked for quotes on gear but one of the quotes I asked to put together really opened my eyes.  The command needed a quote for gear that was missing.  Fair enough.  Going downrange has plenty of challenges.  Keeping gear is one of those.

The command was going to charge the Techs for the gear they had lost.  Yep!  Make the Techs pay for the gear out of their paychecks!

Techs are problem solvers.  That's what we do.  We can't fix all the problems but what we can do is help mitigate this issue.

How the Guarantee works:

You must have purchased the kit from us.  Yes, we're going to look it up.  

Let us know which tool you've lost and we'll send it in the mail to you at no cost, nada, zero dollars to you.  We'll confirm your address so we send it to the address you're currently at which may not be the one you're at when you bought the kit.  

Is overnight or expedited delivery available?  Yes, but you're going to have to pick up the tab on that.

What's not covered?(as of now)

Multitools, Fluke Voltmeters, Initiators, Other than basic cap crimpers, Galvo's, Lasers, Steel Knives and if you lose the entire kit.

What is covered?

Everything else.  Including Ceramic Knives and Brass Cap Crimpers/Cutters.

How many claims can I make?

We offer the guarantee as a safety net for Techs and to provide value to the government.  If you're habitually losing tools, you're probably going to have to find another career.  There currently are no limits to the number of claims you can make.

Which EOD Tool Kits are covered? Click on the Kit to bring it up in the catalog.

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If you have any other questions, drop me a line and we'll get them answered and maybe even post them here.