Breachers Tape

$38.00 - $210.00

Breachers Tape

This Breacher Tape is the Protecto Wrap Brand CAT Charge Adhesive Tape seen by many at the Breachers Symposium Fall 2022!

Breachers Tape SPECS:

  • Double Sided
  • Can be used from -20 Degrees to 300 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Adheres to Firehose, Steel, Aluminum, wood, OSB, fiberglass, plexiglass, glass, masonry.
  • Available in 2, 4, 8 and 12 Inch wide 75 Foot Rolls
  • Made in the USA!

This breacher tape is designed to be strong and durable, yet easy to apply. The tape has a high temperature resistance, ranging from -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 degrees Celsius) to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (149 degrees Celsius), making it suitable for use in extreme temperatures. Breacher Tape can be used on firehose, steel, aluminum, wood, OSB, fiberglass, plexiglass, glass, masonry and other surfaces. The tape’s aggressive adhesive helps it stick even when wet or oily conditions exist. It is also water-resistant and UV-resistant for long lasting protection. Breacher Tape is an ideal choice for explosive demolition entry in all weather conditions.