Digital Shooting Trainer


Digital Shooting Trainer

The Brass Buddha says, Experience NirvAmmo by being able to pull the trigger on your pistol, rifle and shotgun as many times as you like.  Any Time. Any Where!  

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The Digital Shooting Trainer is the Mantis X10 Elite Shooting Trainer which is like having a shooting instructor in your pocket. Now you can take your skills to the next level no matter where you're at.  Simply install the sensor on your rail, start shooting and let the Mantis X10 fine tune your shot to perfection.   

Digital Shooting Trainer:

  • Sensor Mounts on Pistol Rail and Picatinny Rail
  • Train Dry Fire, Live Fire, Airsoft, CO2
  • Connects to Your Phone and Tablet
  • Gives Real Time Data to Improve Your Performance

 There's an old saying, "Practice makes Perfect."  When it comes to shooting, "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect."

The X10 gives you the ability to have perfect practice no matter where you're at, if the range is open or you're having one of those sleepless nights and feel like being productive.


MANTISX Display Data:

  • Direction & Magnitude - Track barrel movement during the trigger pull
  • Shot-By-Shot Analysis - Track score of each shot individually. Analyze trends.
  • Color Coded Detailed Trace - Blue: hold/sighting.  Yellow: trigger pull.  Red: Shot breaking and recoil pattern

Take it for a test drive at the EOD Gear T&E Center in Franklin or catch it at a location near you in the EOD Gear T&E Vehicle, TEV1.

Mag Rail Adapter


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Digital Shooting Trainer

Everything is working great just as advertised very happy with the trainer.
Posted by Billy Spoor, 20th Jan 2021

MantisX training system

Received my Mantis X10 Elite in record time! I have previously been skeptical of gun trainers that are an at home tool without actually putting rounds down range. Currently have used this tool nearly everyday for about 30 minutes each time. Have noticed quite the difference after going to the range. This is not a 0-100 type of thing. Don’t expect to go from a mediocre shooter to Jerry Miculek in a couple days but you can expect to have improvements in grip, trigger squeeze and target acquisition. I have also been using the Mantis X10 Elite to help instruct my wife in proper foundations of marksmanship so that she feels more confident during range days. The amount of training modules included in the tool help keep things fresh and honestly fun. Overall I’d say this is a great tool and would certainly buy again as well as recommend to friends.
Posted by Tyler, 22nd Sep 2020