EOD Chest Rig System

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EOD Chest Rig System



  • 100% Water Repellent
  • US MILSPEC Nylon
  • SAS Design Built
  • IR/Mildew Resistant
  • ITW Military Rated Clips
  • Accepts Armor


  • Base Rig
  • 4 M4
  • 2 Medium Pouches
  • Pistol Holster
  • Admin Pouch


This EOD Chest Rig System is the Warrior Assault Systems 901 Elite Ops M4 Bravo Chest Rig and here's how it will benefit you to use this design.

If you're in a full load and need to switch over to the EOD9, you know it takes a bit to get stripped down to get the 9 on.


This chest rig system base is easily opened via it's triple secured zipper/velcro/snapped closure on the lower front of the rig.

You don't have to pull it up over your head or take your helmet off providing you maximum protection throughout the time you're ditching and donning.


 US MILSPEC materials made in the USA - Go 'Merica! and manufactured in the UK.  Design and manufacturing ruthlessly overseen by former SAS!


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