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EOD Disruptor 357 Magnum

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    EOD Disruptor 357 Magnum


    The EOD Disruptor 357 Magnum Micro Disrupter is a breech loaded .357 gauge system used principally

    for disruption purposes; other uses include cutting, penetration of, and the removal of

    IED fuzing system components.



    EOD Disruptor SPECS:

    • The .357 Magnum Micro Disrupter is shock tube initiated and percussion actuated.

    • It is constructed of high grade stainless steel.

    • The .357 kit comes with one .357 smooth bore barrel for water shots, and one rifled bore for

    precision shots.

    • The .357 barrels are 12" long.

    • The .357 Magnum Micro Disrupters have interchangeable breech parts with the original 12

    gauge PAN Disrupter™.

    • The .357 Magnum Micro disrupter is capable of firing shots up to 2000 feet per second.

    • Two or more targets inside the bomb can be impacted with an isochronicty of 500

    microseconds of each other.

    • The .357 Magnum Micro Disrupter is the only .357 disrupter currently on the market that

    can have two or more fired together within milliseconds of each other.

    The following table is a list of kit components:



    1 Case

    1 Gun Bore Cleaner

    1 Brush Container

    3 Brush

    1 Wrench, Adjustable, 6 in

    1 Stand (3 parts)

    2 PAN Stand Adapter

    1 Seating Tool

    2 Laser Sight

    1 Water Bottle

    1 Spare Parts Kit

    15 Red Plug

    15 Black Plug

    1 Shell Extractor

    1 Barrel/Breech, Smooth Bore, .357 cal, 12 inch

    1 Barrel/Breech, Rifled Bore, .357 cal, 12 inch

    1 .357 Clamp

    1 Spare Parts Kit



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    1. Mini Disruptor

      So far so good. Ordering and delivery were great. Any issues were at our end. Training with the new disruptor we be within the next month or so. Depending on weather. on 23rd Jan 2017

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