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The PETZL STRIX IR Tactical Light with Strobe

EOD IR Strobe Light

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    EOD IR Strobe Light


    This Tactical EOD IR Strobe Light fits on your tactical helmet using the existing rails system on your helmet or can be added with the adapter plate.

    This light is similar to the PETZL STRIX VL (Visible Light) in function and selection of lights in the visible spectrum but adds the full capability of IR lighting in Low, High and Beacon settings all while still running on one AA alkeline or lithium battery!




    The STRIX IR is distinguished vs. the VL model by the additional knob on top of the unit. 

    PETZL had the operator in mind in designing this unit.   There's no chance of accidentally turning on the visible light when you need the IR system.  The IR lighting modes are Low High and Beacon Flashing.


    The unit as a whole can rotate 180 degrees on its axis, the length of the unit and light head rotates 180 degrees giving the user the greatest flexibility in putting this work horse to use.

    The light comes with a headband that has a vastex-type clasp so you can wear it around your neck without stretching it out coming over your head or without having to remove your protective helmet.

    The light slides on to the headband using a rail system that is the same as the rail systems used on most ballistic helmets.  PETZL didn't stop there.  The locking mechanism for the rail system also acts as the attachment for your MOLLE gear allowing you to wear it on your chest rig or even your pack.


    4 Additional VL Lighting Modes for Maximum Capability!  Noise and Light Discipline in Mind!

    Petzl used their brains in designing this light. 

    The first light to come on is the Red Green and Blue Light so you don't have to worry about light discipline!  All functions of this light are silent.  No clicking noises to turn this one on and off.  Pull the spring loaded knob out and give it one twist to go to Red.  To turn the light off, turn the knob counter-clockwise without extending the on-off knob.  Again, this will prevent any mishaps with light discipline.

    For strobe function across the Red Green and Blue, turn on the light to your desired color then roll the knob counter clockwise but hold the knob until it begins blinking.  Strobe function is now in effect!

    The 2nd lighting mode is a smaller dim white light, 0.4 Lumens at 65 Hours, ideal for reading maps or an upclose recon on your target item up to 3 meters away.  Pull the on-off knob and give two twists and push the on-off bottom back to lock it in place.  You will When it's time for lights out, just give the knob a counter-clockwise twist.

    Third mode moves to the bigger white light which is ideal for lighting up larger items and your path 20 meters ahead.  15 Lumens for 20 Hours.  Again, extend the knob and give it 3 twists running by the red and low level white light.  Set the on-off knob and you're good to go.  No need to extend the on-off knob to turn the light off.  Just a quick counter-clockwise twist.

    The fourth mode gives you maximum white light 40 meters ahead with 4 twists.  40 Lumens at 4 hours and 30 minutes.  Light the way for you, your team and your vehicle! 

    Crush Proof and Water Proof!


    The light is crush proof to 80kg or about 172lbs and is drop tested from 2 meters!  The light is also water proof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

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