EOD Night Vision Depth of Field Adapter


EOD Night Vision Depth of Field Adapter

The EOD Night Vision Depth of Field Adapter for trying to focus on your RSP while you're wearing NVG's!

If you have ever pinned a booby-trap wearing NVG's, you know how bad the lack of depth perception can slow you down.  The lack of depth perception in current night vision makes conducting RSP's difficult at best.  Now we can get the depth perception we need and the accuracy we demand!


The technology has been around for over 100 years and has been used in photography ever since. 

The depth of field can be very short or very deep depending on the aperture of lens.  The wider the opening, the shallower the depth of field.  Close down the aperture and the depth of field increases.  This inverse correlation allows you to place the HOPLITE on your current NVG's with the ability to focus on what's up close and personal and far out in the distance.


Don't need the close up depth perception?  Just flip the interchangeable aperture out of the way.  You'll still have a quality lens protecting the very expensive NVG lens.

The HOPLite comes with 2 aperture pieces.  The Medium, which will give you great depth perception from someone up close out to infinity and the Small, which allows you to work on the smaller items that we all know and love out to infinity.


Don't let depth perception slow you down!  Pick up the HOPLite and see what you're missing!


Government Pricing Available!


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