EOD Remote Pull Spool with 200ft Firing Wire


EOD Remote Pull Spool with 200ft Firing Wire 


The EOD Remote Pull Spool is the ideal spool to have for rapid deployment of line for a remote pull.

The integrated handle allows the EOD Tech the ability to quickly deploy line, to have something sturdy to hold on to while conducting remote pull and to quickly roll up the line and pack up.

This set up is the EOD Gear 800 foot spool with 200 feet of firing wire.


- Rigging reel is black in color.

- Reel constructed with Delrin

- All hardware Stainless Steel

- The reel handle has a knurled thumb screw that passes through the reel handle  providing friction on the outer edge of the reel.

- The thumb screw is interchangeable to either side of the handle.



- Cable is 200’ in length.

- Cable is 2 cores of stranded wire uniformly twisted together

- Conductor material is tin plated copper

- Conductor size is 0.5mm x 2

- Minimum voltage rating of 600v AC

- Minimum current rating of 10A

-Cable spooled on reel with a pigtail passing through the outer disk approximately 1” from the center.



Manufacturer Part Number: EODSPWFW


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