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EOD Zero-Able Laser Kit

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    EOD Zero-Able Laser Kit

    All the laser firepower you need in this EOD Zero-Able Laser Kit!

    In the Kit:

    • Zero-Able Green Laser 
    • Green Line Laser
    • Weapon Mount
    • 6 inch Activation Cord - Works on both lasers
    • MOLLE Pouch
    • 10 CR-123 Batteries

    You'll have everything you need to conduct EOD ops when you open this kit.

    Both lasers are mountable but the green dot laser is zero-able to your weapon!  Make it easier to sweep hallways and doors without coming off your M4.

    The line generator can also be weapon mountable or used hand held for a quicker sweep for trips and command wires.

    The weapon mount hardware fits perfectly for any rail system you'll have on your M4 and the touch pad gives you easy control for when you need the laser.


    The MOLLE pouch is made in the US. "Go "Merica!"


    Battlefield Flexibility -
    EOD, Convoy Protection, EOF -
    Mark IED's - Trip Wire Illumination

    The Z-Bolt® BTMK-10-EOD Green Laser System can be used Weapons Mounted or Hand Held. Z-Bolt® Green Lasers simplify tactical operations and provide an indispensable tool for cross-cultural, multi-language communication with Allied and Indigenous Government Forces - providing a precise non-verbal comm for tactical teams and an improved state of situational awareness. Field Reports and recent theater deployments indicate the following Uses and Capabilities: Visual Comm to EOD Tech - Illuminate Suspected IED; Mark potential IED from Safe Distance for Robot or Dog Inspection; EOF - Checkpoint - Vehicle Driver Attention; Mark Targets and Concentrate Fire; Cordons & Route Clearance Patrols [RCP]; Allow / Deny Access to Entry Control Points [ECP] & Traffic Control Points [TCP]; Illuminate Trip Wires; Guard House Signaling - Fence Line Incursions; Base Security Visual Comm - Guard & Perimeter Patrol.

    C-TRIP Green Laser Line Generator - 
    Illuminate and Fluoresce Trip Wires

    2014 Improvements to C-TRIP Green Laser Trip Wire Illuminator Include Power Lockout, 1" Knurled Tube.

    The Z-Bolt® BTMK-10-EOD System features the lithium powered BTG-10G-ADJ Tactical Green Laser Pointer AND C-TRIP Green Laser Trip Wire Iluminator. The Z-Bolt® C-TRIP has been recently adopted by US Navy EOD and is now deployed in the operational forces. EOD techs use to illuminate and fluoresce trip and command wires. The C-TRIP projects a brilliant Green Laser Line. A 60 degree fan which projects a 15' line @ 15'. Easily scan doorways, halls or stair wells with one pass. Choice of Modular Pouch included for battlefield transport and stowage. Laser Power Actuator on Battery End Cap Assembly; Constant On/Off performance.


    Bright & Visible Beam Deterrent -
    Lithium Powered, 6 Hr Battery Life -
    US Army Classification - IEC Class 3R

    2014 Improvements to BTG-10G-ADJ Include Power Lockout, 1" Knurled Tube, Adjustment Screws for Laser Zero. 

    The BTMK-10-EOD features the FDA Class IIIa, ANSI Class 3R, BTG-10G-ADJ Tactical Green Laser Pointer. The BTG-10G-ADJ is powered by easily procured CR123A batteries, common to most laser, scope and tactical light systems and includes adjustment screws in laser head assembly for windage & elevation adjustment. The BTG-10G-ADJ emits a bright visible beam during night operations, but is Class 3R and will not harm vision of civilians or non-combatants outside of an operator restricted NOHD of 30m. Provides an intense and extremely threatening psychological deterrent to prevent escalation to more lethal measures. Proven to limit civilian and Allied soldier casualties. Suitable for domestic base security and MP police functions and operations. System Kit includes Rope Lanyard and choice of Modular Pouch for Hand Held stowage and transport.

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