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Forensics Reconnaissance Kit

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The Forensics Reconnaissance Kit gives the EOD Tech all of the tools needed to perform an in-depth Forensics Reconnaissance. 

The Forensics Reconnaissance Kit Includes:

Berry Compliant EOD Tool Roll in Black, Coyote, Ranger or Multicam which holds:

  • Gerber EOD Multi-Tool 600
  • Pelican 1920 Flashlight
  • 4 Piece Probe Pick Set
  • 25 foot metric/inch Tape Measure
  • 60 Inch Cloth Tape Measure Metric/Inches
  • Inside Calipers
  • Mini Pry Bar
  • Gorilla Tape 1 inch by 90 feet
  • Loctite 60 Second Epoxy
  • 2 Straight Forceps
  • Endless Loop - Berry Compliant
  • EOD Gear Ceramic Scissors 
  • Rite in the Rain EOD 9-Line Notebook (subject to availability)
  • Or 3x5 Rite in the Rain Notebook
  • 5 Black Safety Pins
  • 5 long zip ties
  • Rite In The Rain 3x5 inch notebook
  • 5 6X9 Inch Specimen Bags
  • 4 3X5 EMR Static Proof, See-Through Evidence Bags
  • 6 Inch Evidence Ruler
  • 3 Large Evidence Collection Tubes
  • 2 Small Evidence Collection Tubes
  • 4-Pronged Parts Grabber
  • Combo 6x 3X Magnifying Glass
  • 2 ESD Safe Tweezers
  • Combination Extendable Mirror/Magnet
  • 5 Disposable Mirrors
  • 18mm Ceramic Snap Blade
  • 1 Inch Paint Brush
  • Small Nylon Brush
  • Small Stainless Steel Brush
  • Small Brass Brush
  • 5 Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • 2 Red VisiPads
  • 2 Green Visi-Pads
  • Gas Torch for testing energetics
  • Combination Flat-Tip/Sharp Spudger
  • Sharpie
  • Blue Ink Pen


Forensics Reconnaissance Kit Options:


Complete your kit with the 1000 Lumen Red, Blue, UV, Multi-function flashlight with battery and battery charger.  The UV light allows the user to see biologicals not normally seen by the naked eye.  The flashlight battery also charges via a mini USB port so you the light can be charged in your Response Truck Cruiser or car.


Rapid Explosives Detection Kit



The Morphix TraceX - No electronics to break, very quick read and can be used by both the Tech and Robot!


6 Inch 4 Function Caliper


At 6 inches long, this digital caliper gives you 4 measurements: inside, outside, depth and step.

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