Glow In The Dark Flashlight


Glow In The Dark Flashlight


This Glow In The Dark Flashlight is the Pelican 3310 ELS.  Because it's Pelican, you know it can stand up to any abuse you can throw at it.  If it breaks, Pelican will replace it!

Your 3310 is ready and waiting for you so that you can go into your garage at night, navigate an office cube farm if the power goes out or as a light source when nature calls so you can make it from the bed to the bathroom.


The 3310 comes with a hard plastic case that you can mount to the wall.  Imagine having one just inside the garage door or for an evening stroll through the neighborhood.  People will be able to see you without having to turn the light on.


This light is a great Premium for Advisors, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Plumbers, Electricians to give to their clients so they remember to call you the next time they need your service or to remind them where to send their friends and family.


Get a couple for your home, as a gift to a family member that needs a little extra help from time to time or to your clients with a custom sticker you can put on the flashlight and/or the case!

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