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HAL Anchor Pad

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HAL Anchor Pad


The Dismounted HAL Anchor Pad solves the problem of how to hang a carabiner or break away pulley while conducting remote pulls.  Throw 3 of these flat anchors in to your smallest kit and you're ready to go without sacrificing space.

These pads are about the size of our favorite chem light, the VisiPad!  Set up the anchor and smack a VisiPad on it so you can find it later.

HAL Anchor Pad SPECS:

  • Flat in your kit until you need it
  • Reusable - Flatten and add your choice of 2-way tape.
  • Will accept standard and large carabinerse
  • Weighs less than an ounce
  • 2.75 inches by about 4 inches
  • Made in the USA...specifically Nashville, Tennessee

Completely reusable.  Pick these up after the incident, remove the carabiner, flatten the eye and swap out the two-sided tape.  You're ready to go!


Photo for representation only.  Price does not include carabiner or breakaway pulley.


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