LALO Shadow Amphibian 8 Inch Tactical Boot

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LALO Shadow Amphibian 8 Inch Tactical Boot


The LALO Shadow Amphibian 8 Inch Boot is the perfect boot for Special Operations as well as OTB operations where you know you're going to get wet and need to navigate across all kinds of terrain.

  • Hidden lace pocket
  • KPU Grill designed to keep out debris while allowing for breathability
  • Full grain leather
  • Sleek vamp profile to allow a secure fin fit
  • Blade resistant and water repellent SuperFabric™ ceramic-treated textile overlay for abrasion resistance
  • Dual direction drainage ports
  • Slip resistant injection molded rubber outsole
  • Multi-density EVA designed to cushion at foot-strike and propel during toe-off
  • Articulating heel and outsole shape for a quiet stealth approach
  • Fin lock or IR Glint tape pocket
  • Moisture-wicking, hydrophobic antimicrobial lining
  • Puncture-resistant composite plate with rotation for protection and fatigue reduction
  • Contoured metal arch
  • Rip-stop nylon accents
  • Engineered Achilles flex notch
  • Seamless, lightweight quarter protection construction

The Amphibian is super light-weight which reduces fatigue and increases endurance.  When we say super light-weight, we mean it.  When you first pull a pair out of the box, you'll be blown away.

The boot design gives the wearer an unfair advantage due to all of the features built into the boot.

The sole is very stiff.  When you're climbing a stairwell in a normal boot, your heal can sink a bit causing you to expend additional energy to push off to go to the next stair.  With the LALO boot, your heal will not sink down giving your body the mechanical advantage to increase efficiency with every step.  Rough terrain ahead?  No problem.   The stiffness in the sole allows for greater stability throughout the step which in turn increases your endurance.

The primary surface of the sole is sticky.  Wear these on polished concrete that is wet and your foot will not slide.  The traction is unlike I've ever seen in any shoe or boot.

Need a little more traction for climbing rock?  The toe has a tiered system of grooves allowing you to get a purchase on the smallest rock or crevasse.  

Swing around to the inner side arch and you'll find miniature spikes ideal for climbing rope.  We haven't tested the braking function on a Fast Rope.  You primarily use your hands to brake but having a little extra dig couldn't hurt when you need to slow down a bit. 

There are so many great features of the boot, it's almost too much to list here.  Take a look below to see the technical SPECS of the boot but do your self a favor and try these boots.




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