Lite Weight Anti Wiping Bag

$69.99 - $199.99

Lite Weight Anti Wiping Bag

The Lite Weight Anti Wiping Bag is the ideal bag to protect cell phones and hard drives from being wiped during an SSE.  

RFID Bags come in 3 Sizes:

  • Cell Phone - 4.5"x7.25"
  • Tablet - 9.5"x12"
  • Lap Top - 12"x18"

When speaking to the active government agencies, special forces, and LE attendees at SHOT 2017, many attendees stated they were given RF (radio frequency) shielding pouches, but rarely use them due to the bulk, stiffness, noise, and awkwardness to utilize in the field. Most phone shielding pouches are over 9 X 7 inches. Our phone size fits all phones and is soft and pocket friendly. We are confident that you will be extremely pleased with the ability of SHIELDSAK pouches to protect what matters most.