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Military Compliant PT Socks

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    Military Compliant PT Socks


    Finally!  Military Compliant PT Socks in both Black and White!


    Nothing like having some pogue come along and go off about how you have a logo on your PT socks. 

    EOD Gear is proud to present the STFU compression sock that you can actually wear with your PT Uniform!


    Made by our good friends at SwiftWick, this sock rates a 10 out of 10 for whicking!  Compression, Breathability and Durability are top of the line with this sock.


    The whicking and breathability will keep your feet dry and eliminate the funk from your feet!  The anti-microbial technology is built in to the sock but not by using chemicals.  This means you can wash these all the time and you're still owning a performance sock for years!

    Look at your bare feet.  How many bones, joints, tendons and muscles are there?  With all those moving parts being impacted by running, you need to compress them so they stay in place preventing injury or chronic pain.  I had a bad downwind landing that screwed up my ankle enough to keep me from running full speed.  Once I put SwiftWick on my feet, the pain went away and the stability returned allowing me to run harder, longer.

    Compression is going to help you reduce blisters because your feet aren't sliding all over the place inside the sock.  You'll experience better circulation and longer endurace.  Sounds like an Unfair Advantage to me!

    "I received this sock as a birthday present while I was on leave. At first I was skeptical because... well... it's a sock. Then I learned that it is much more than a sock. I have since asked my fiancee to send me 6 more pair so I can have one for each day of the week. These socks fit perfect, feel GREAT, and best of all- no blisters. I look forward to throwing away all of my other socks asap!"


    Paying for shipping sucks!  Great news!  We're shipping them to you for FREE!



    Those of you that know me, know I have a big foot!  Size 16 actually!  Naturally I'm wearing the XL which is rated from size 13.5 to 16.

    If you're size 10 to 13, you'll want the Large.

    6 to 9.5 you're going to want the Medium.

    Less than 6, you're in a Small.


    Eliminate Blisters!

    Stay Dry!

    Protect your tendons, muscles & joints!

    No more  Stink!

    Free Shipping!










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