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Military PT T-Shirt 3 Pak

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Military PT T-Shirt 3 Pak


This Military PT T-Shirt 3 Pak is a helluva deal for a performance t-shirt you can wear during PT and under the new uniforms that are due out soon.

  • The military’s preferred base layer
  • 4 oz. 50/50 cotton/poly jersey*
  • Reinforced double stitched neck to retain shape

We used to wear cotton tees under our uniform.  The neck would stretch out quickly forcing us to wear them backwards so we didn't look like a bag-of-butts during inspection.  Now those days are gone with this 50/50 poly/cotton blend shirt that wicks sweat away keeping you dry.

Ideal as a PT shirt worn with either the Ranger Panties or PT Shorts for a squared away look that is also performance driven.



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