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Mini IED Tool Kit



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Sansolo Mini IED Tool Kit


This Sansolo Mini IED Tool Kit is designed to fit over the back of the operator’s hand for easy access while keeping eyes on target.

The toolkit contains uniquely designed, special purpose tools for the EOD Tech and Breacher.

Based on original Israeli operational doctrine.

Integral kit position will not restrict the EOD Tech’s movements or performance.

Pouches stitched to a fabric sleeve that fits around the forearms using velcro straps or fastex and holds the tools securely in place during the toughest operational demands.



The mini IED Took Kit carries dedicated tools and fits around the forearm, allowing tools to be kept within the EOD Tech's and Breachers' line of sight. This enables the Tech or Breacher the ability to more easily work under difficult operational conditions.  Please indicate your choice of velcro or fastex.

NOTE:  This requires an end user certification from your command authorizing the purchase of this kit! 

Delivery is 60-70 days as it is imported!

mini IED Tool Kit