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MK3 Navy SEAL EOD Combat Dive Knife

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MK3 Navy SEAL EOD Combat Dive Knife


This is the official MK3 Navy SEAL EOD Combat Dive Knife.  Issued to us in Dive School, this knife is just part of the kit you build along the way.

We always broke the tip off so we could use it as a screw driver, open oysters, etc.


Fortunately, I still have my issued knife and I keep it sharp and available whether I need it for land-based work or to go along in my dive bag.  


If you're looking for a work horse knife, the MK3 is the perfect dive knife to cut, break, lever and even open those 5 lb cans of Tuna.


Great for diving and even for a retirement plaque.


Made in the USA

NSN 1095-00-391-1056


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