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Pelican Case MOLLE Lid Organizer with Tenax

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Pelican Case MOLLE Lid Organizer with Tenax


The Pelican Case MOLLE Lid Organizer with Tenax is specifically designed for those Pelican cases that have cross-shaped tabs on the inside of their lids vs the normal groove present that is part of the lid that holds the case sitting on top of it.

We'll cut the normal panel to the exact specifications  of your case and then add the Tenax buttons.  When we ship the lid organizer, it will include the peckers needed to mount the organizer.  Simply screw in the stems into the tabs located on the inside of your lid and you're ready to go.

To release the lid organizer, just pull the buttons.

All of our lid organizers are made to order when they're ordered.  You can pick the color you want for the case you have.  We know the sizes for each case.  The maximum size we can create is 48 inches by 24 inches.  If you need something larger, we can work with you to use multiple pieces.

We do manufacture our lid organizers on location and we are full-line Pelican dealers if you need a case or two.  If you have a Pelican dealer you like, stay with them.  


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