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Pelican Case MOLLE Lid Organizer

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Pelican Case MOLLE Lid Organizer


This is the Pelican Case MOLLE Lid Organizer for the iM2750 that we custom cut from Kydex on our CNC machine.  We now make the lid organizers to completely fill the total space of the lid to the dimensions of your specific case.  The maximum size we offer is 48 inches by 24 inches which covers most projects.  If you need something larger, we will work with you on designing an organizer from multiple panels.



The Pelican MOLLE Lid Organizer is the perfect accessory to keep all of your MOLLE pouches and Command/Moral patches organized in a systematic way so you're always able to find the kit you need now.

Does Your Case Lid Have Stems On the Inside?

We are now offering Tanex Buttons on the MOLLE Lid Organizer for cases that have stems on the inside of the lid.  Most of the larger Pelican cases have these to support the Pelican Lid Organizer which are great if your a mild-mannered executive that sports a pocket protector. See the images below.


How the Pelican Case MOLLE Lid Organizer works 

The Kydex sheet is cut to accept thicker MOLLE straps and even the straps with button snaps.

A 2 inch Velcro Loop strip across the top makes it super easy to grab the patches you need and keep them from being bent of lost in the bottom of the case.

The above case is the Pelican iM2750.  I've attached my Leatherman MUT, 2 Z-Bolt Lasers and an admin panel holding 2 Rite in the Rain notebooks and a Gerber Cortex Dual Power Flashlight.  The admin panel is made by Condor and I used it because the straps are very thick, don't bend well and have large snaps.  If the Condor MOLLE straps will fit, then you know the higher-end gear will fit with no problems.

Even with all of this gear, the lid panel remains attached and doesn't droop down into the case when closed.

The organizer is held in place with 2 inch Velcro strips (included) that work best on the indentions pressed in from the top of the lid.  These indentions are where the feet of another Pelican case sit when they're stacked.  Tenax Buttons are available on the larger cases with inner lid tabs. 

You can attach your extra M4 and pistol mag pouches in the lid so the mags aren't bouncing around inside the case.  Pull the mags you need from the organizer and go straight to your kit.  

The price is for a lid organizer measuring up to 24 inches by 12 inches.  If the inside dimensions of your case are greater than 24x12 inches, just select that prior to checkout.  Due to the increased cost of material and shipping, we add $10 to your price but not to shipping.  We can go as large as 4 foot by 2 foot.

And if you're looking for a Pelican case, we are authorized Pelican dealers.

Please keep in mind that these are made one at a time, to your specifications.  Overnight shipping won't happen.  Realistically, a week to ship but we'll do our best to get it turned out quicker than that.


My attorney buddy, drinking my rum, is telling me to add that the pouches and tools pictured are not included!


Some Customer Pictures of the Pelican Lid MOLLE Lid Organizer at Work



Pelican MOLLE Lid Organizer Hard Mount Idea:


Had to share this Pelican MOLLE Lid Organizer Hard Mount Idea that Ed posted on FB.  It's a great option to the velcro that comes with each MLO.





Ed states that these fasteners are called "Tenax" if you're interested.  Thanks Ed!


Using Wing Nuts to attach the MLO!  Thanks Jay!


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