Personal Decon Kit


Personal Decon Kit


Neutralize Fentanyl, and other synthetic opioids, TICs, TIMs, CWAs and BWAs quickly and easily. 

Personnel Decon Kit Contents:

  • (1) Dahlgren Decon (DD) – 200ml
  • (2) FiberTect Polyester Wipes (6″ X 12″)
  • (1) Mini Sprayer
  • (1) 500ml Mixing Beaker
  • (1) Stirring Rod

The Personnel Decon Kit (PDK) allows any user to remove bulk decontamination with FiberTect wipes, then neutralize and kill any remaining contaminants by using DahlgrenDecon for a variety of immediate, tactical, operational, and cold weather decontamination needs.

SKU: PDK-06-612/2


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