Personal Decon Kit


Personal Decon Kit

You weren't planning on being exposed to toxins when you got up this morning but fortunately you have your Personal Decon Kit.  How long can you be exposed before the harmful effects begin to kick in resulting in long-term health issues?

With the FirstLine Technology PDK you can quickly and easily decon yourself and a partner within minutes!

Neutralize Fentanyl, and other synthetic opioids, TICs, TIMs, CWAs and BWAs quickly and easily. 

Personnel Decon Kit Contents:

  • (1) Dahlgren Decon (DD) – 200ml
  • (2) FiberTect Polyester Wipes (6″ X 12″)
  • (1) Mini Sprayer
  • (1) 500ml Mixing Beaker
  • (1) Stirring Rod

The Personnel Decon Kit (PDK) allows any user to remove bulk decontamination with FiberTect wipes, then neutralize and kill any remaining contaminants by using DahlgrenDecon for a variety of immediate, tactical, operational, and cold weather decontamination needs.