Private Bomb Squad


Private Bomb Squad

Having a Private Bomb Squad may be your best solution for preventing a radical extremist event from occurring at your next event and placing you on the evening's breaking news.

As a Soft Target, a terrorist or radical group, whether from the Middle East, home grown here in the US or even paid protestors, could easily penetrate your perimeter to kill, injure and erase the intrinsic value you’ve worked hard for years to create.


The slightest difference of opinion or even your geographic location can you put you in the cross hairs of terrorists or the evening news.

  • Terrorism
  • Radical Protests
  • Lone Wolf Attacks
  • Hate Groups


Having a highly visible security team in place is critical to dissuade most bad players but having a covert, highly trained team that specializes in IED’s, Terrorism and Physical Security, provides your best chance of eliminating a terrorist or radical event from happening.

•    Recon and ID Suspicious Packages & Persons
•    Access Control & Security Personnel 3rd Party Quality Control Supervision
•    Search vehicles, rooms and buildings prior to guest arrival
•    Isolation of suspicious packages
•    Document and Report Suspicious Activity
•    Correctly report to responding Bomb Squad Members

From Event Inception through the departure of dignitaries & guests …


How do you know you’re getting the best?


Steve Cassidy brings his 37 years of professional security experience including his service as a US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician.  Not only did Mr. Cassidy serve with Naval SPECWAR and US Army Special Forces, he held US Secret Service Credentials and provided these same services for President Clinton in Warsaw Poland and Mdm. Secretary Albright in Jerusalem and at Arafat’s Headquarters in Palestine.

TC Pros, Inc. founded by Steve Cassidy, is a leader in supplying tactical gear and training to the most advanced military and law enforcement special operations units in the world.

Put the most highly-trained, well-equipped team to work for you.  From T-Shirts to Tuxedos, let TC Pros protect your employees, customers, event, business or campus. 

We are your Force Multiplier to your existing security detail.

For more information call 877-363-2626 or fill out the form below.


Private Bomb Squad Billing

For Private Bomb Squad Billing we want you to completely understand the costs so you know you're receiving a higher value than what you're paying for.  It's fair and it's reasonable.  We want this relationship to be mutually beneficial.

Each member of our Private Bomb Squad was at one time or may currently be an active Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician.  Each member served as an EOD Tech in the US military or as a Bomb Tech in Public Safety/Law Enforcement.


Every member is an expert at Improvised Explosive Devices.

Our billing rate is $80 per man-hour and we have a 4 Hour minimum for the first Tech only.  The second Tech working with the first would be by the hour.

EXAMPLE:  You need 2 Technicians for 2 hours to screen vehicles.  The first Tech is 4 Hours and the second Tech is 2 Hours for a total of 6 billable hours.


What you can expect from a Bomb Tech:

Besides being timely, professional and polite, Techs will be appropriately dressed for your event, in possession of tools that have been determined to be needed and a very keen eye for people and items that are out of place.  Based on your protocols, we will communicate threats or potential threats to your project manager to make the final call on how to proceed.

Think of us as your eyes and ears for all the bad things that others just don't see.


What you cannot expect from a Bomb Tech:

Even though very capable, we are not security guards, bouncers, doormen or goons.  We will however make suggestions and act as Quality Assurance to ensure your security detail is doing the job it was assigned to do.

If needed, an After Action Report or Daily Report will be made available at a pre-negotiated rate.


Travel and Per Diem 

As we're based in Nashville, local events will not be subject to travel and Per Diem in most cases.

If your event is located outside of Nashville, GSA Lodging, Meals and Incidentals apply.