PUC Mask


PUC Mask


This PUC Mask is made by Tactical Tailor and is used throughout by teams taking prisoners.

What is PUC?  PUC stands for Person Under Control.  This term is used to replace Prisoner of War which is reserved for those combatants falling under the Geneva Convention.  Instead of granting the rights afforded POW's, PUC's can be treated according to SOP's in theater.

This mask is One Size Fits Most.  The flexible strap in the back and over the top allows this mask to fit the smallest pin head to the largest melon you'll run across.

The mesh pocket on the front allows for identification markers or the ability to add additional material to make it darker for the wearer.

Easily folded into a 4x4 inch square and held in place by the flex straps making storage easy.

Perfect for operations or training.  Be sure to get a handful of these.


With 10 in stock, we can ship immediately.  If you'd like more than 10, let us know and we'll write up a quote saving the command money for other needs.



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