Rapid Code Scanning


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Rapid Code Scanning

Rapid Code Scanning identifies vulnerabilities within your code and your Project Dependencies! After vulnerability scan is completed no code is kept.  All traces are deleted leaving only detailed instructions on how to repair each vulnerability.  

Until now!

  • Initiate in 3 Steps and 30 Minutes
  • Scans 100% of Your Code and Project Dependencies 
  • User Friendly UI On Your Computer, Tablet and Smart Phone
  • Identifies Vulnerabilities and Lists Them by Severity
  • 100% Automated
  • NO Code is Held eliminating threat of exposure during scan

Rapid Code Scanning SPECS:

  • 237 Supported Frameworks
  • 12 Supported GITS
  • Scans any language
  • Infrastructure dashboard
  • API Integrations with most platforms
  • Meta data mapped to compliance and business rules
  • Compliance dashboard with NIST mapping
  • DFARS Compliant
  • NIST Compliant
  • Scans for LOG4J Vulnerabilities


Like Armor for Your Code!

Within 30 minutes you can begin scanning 100% of your code and project dependencies across all programs and languages each day requiring zero human interaction to accomplish the scan.  


When a vulnerability in your code or the code that you purchased is detected, it is ranked by severity and presented to your team in an easy-to-read User Interface which works on your computer, tablet and smart phone.


Meet your CMMC requirements and protect your data from Hackers starting today.


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