Redman Training Mat

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Redman Training Mat


Redman MAT4SV training mats are designed for tough combative training exercises and fitness workouts. Construction of these mats consists of long-lasting 1 3/8" cross link foam that provides excellent shock absorbing properties. The outside of the Mat is covered by a single layer extremely strong and durable nylon coated vinyl which resists mildew and is quick and easy to clean after use. Hook and loop fasteners are strategically located on 2 sides or 4 sides of the mat which allows the mats to be attached together creating any size “foot print” for your training exercises. The mats can be used to cover both walls and flooring making a safe sparring environment for any facility. Storage and portability of these mats are convenient as they easily fold to a 2 foot wide panel and are lightweight enough to be carried and stowed. Also, due to the hook and loop design, these mats can also be stowed non-folded against a wall using additional hook and loop material attached to the wall.

Colors Available: Red

The Redman Macho mats are of durable construction with smart design characteristics. This makes these mats indispensable for use in your training activities. Please contact us with any questions or if we may assist you with your equipment needs.

Strong Features:
  • High Tensile and Tear Strength Vinyl
  • Heavy Duty Single Stitched Seams
  • Long-lasting 1 3/8" Cross Link Foam
  • Anti-Mildew Treated
  • Floor and Wall Mountable
  • Hook and loop fasteners 4 sides
  • Lightweight Portability
Size Options:

  • RM-MAT4SV Mat 4-sided Velcro 4X8
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