Schrade Bomb Tech Special Edition Knife


Schrade Bomb Tech Special Edition Knife

Serial Number 3120


The Schrade Bomb Tech Special Edition Knife is a limited Edition knife that was available in the 1990's to early 2000's.

Designated as the BT-01, this specific knife is number 3120 and made in the USA.  This specific knife has been used and is owned by a retired USMC EOD Tech.  Owner says it's time to let go of some gear.  There's also an M11 with OD Sheath that also holds crimpers and a spool of firing wire.


The knfe has a straight edge as the primary blade but also has a fine serrated edge from the tip back until it becomes a larger serrated edge for chopping.  The tip of the knife is actually a flat tip so that it can be used as a screwdriver or for prying things open.  At the base of the blade there is a groove for cutting and stripping wire.


This is not a chinese knock off proven by the "Schrade+" sign and "USA" engraved where the handle meets the blade.  The serial number 3120 is engraved on the butt of the knife which can also be used to pry nails and smash items due to it's heavy and robust construction.


The sheath is the original sheath with the EOD Crab proudly displayed on the external utility pouch flap.


This knife is not new but it was obviously well cared for.  If you're Old School EOD, you may have seen this knife on the range.  I believe I saw in the mid-90's and remember wanting to get one of my own. 


Use it for your EOD Love-Me-Wall....we all have one or feel completely confident taking this out to the range.


There is only this one in stock so if you want it, don't wait.

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