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Security Force VBIED Inspection Mirror

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Security Force VBIED Inspection Mirror


Get a great look at any vehicle when it comes up to the gate or other access control stations.

This VBIED Security Inspection Mirror with Light gives the Security Force the ability to see under large vehicles as well as small vehicles due to it's low profile.


Fiberglass extension pole with armrest & neoprene grip.
* Extends to approx. 75”
* LED lamp
* Complete with 12” convex acrylic mirror (flat mirror available upon request)
* Complete with 4 Alkaline AA or 4 Nimh AA rechargeable batteries
* Complete with global battery charger, 110/230 volt - for NiMH only
* Low ground clearance < 3.5"
* Light weight approx. 5.5lbs.
* Optional European plug adapter
* Caster Wheel base with exterior rubber molding

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