SHOT Show 2024


Veteran Owned and Operated, GSA contract holder with an 11 year history of successfully delivering the best gear to those that gladly live in Harm's Way, EOD Gear is here to listen to your needs and create a custom solution that works for you.

It's Official!  EOD Gear will be back in Vegas for SHOT Show 2024!

RSVP EOD Gear HAPPY Hour Wednesday January 24th 1600-1900.  Click HERE to RSVP

Click HERE to find us on the Shot Show 2024 Exhibit Floor Plan.

See the gear in 3D!

It's always best to get your hands on the gear before you buy it. If you can't make it Franklin, TN then try out some of the best gear in 3D and AR/Augmented Reality. Click HERE.


Visiting Nashville? Schedule a Visit to EOD Gear in Franklin, Tennessee just 20 miles south.



What are best practices to walk SHOT Show 2024?

It is possible to walk the almost 14 miles of SHOT Show 2024 without destroying your knees and back if you follow some simple guidelines. 

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. There is very low humidity in Las Vegas and you will need to make sure you are constantly drinking water. If you partake in tasty beverages after the show, it's even more critical to drink more water.
  2. Pre-load Motrin before you leave your hotel in the morning to walk the show. Seating is limited so you will be on your feet most of the day. If you are walking the 2nd and 3rd day, make sure you are prepared and stay ahead of the pain.
  3. Have great shoes. You may believe your shoes are tacti-cool but are they built for the kind of mileage you will put in during the exhibit. New Balance, Brooks and HOKA's are great for walking the show.
  4. Avoid or reduce the chances of getting the Crud or the Rona. You'll be hanging out with tens-of-thousands of your closest gun-toting friends, shaking hands, high-fiving and pounding drinks. Mega dose Vitamin C. I personally consume approximately 20 caps, 10 throughout the day and 10 prior to crashing in the evening. It has worked for me.


Is there a VIP Event for SHOT Show 2024 guests?

At EOD Gear we greatly appreciate all of our customers. For those that have been awarded our Brass VIP or Black Card we will be hosting a VIP Event immediately following the show each afternoon. Joint the EOD Gear staff for complimentary drinks and SWAG. If you're not currently a Brass VIP or Black Card holder, please contact us for details on how you can become an EOD Gear VIP.