Suicide Bomber Training Vest

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Suicide Bomber Training Vest


The Suicide Bomber Training Vest is one of the core pieces of gear you'll want to train your team on when it's time to work on terrorists and terrorist bombings.

Made from 11 sticks of EOD-Gear Inert Dynamite that are tied together with a Det Cord simulator, you know you're getting a realistic look at one of the configurations used by terrorists.


Suicide Bomber Training Vest SPECS:

  • SKS Rhodesian-Style Vest
  • 11 Sticks of Dynamite with Det Cord Sim.
  • Arabic, Russian and American Dynamite available.
  • Bomber Push Botton or Dead Man Switch Activation Option with Penalty Buzzer

The vest can be used to train Military Security Forces, SWAT, Crime Scene Investigators and as part of an overall training scenario package.

Whether the vest is being worn by a role player offensively or as a hostage device as well as the vest as part of a Bomb Manufacturing Lab, you'll be able to set up and change scenarios quickly.

Suicide Bomber Training Vest Options:

Add a Bomber Activated Push Botton Switch with Penalty Buzzer - to simulate the dedicated bomber

Add a Dead Man Switch with Penalty Buzzer - No penalty buzzer until the Bomber releases the button

Add a Radio Back Up Detonator with Buzzer - Used when the Bomber won't push his button.

Add 10 Blocks of C4/M112 - This changes your scenario and your safe area further enhancing training

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