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Tactical Fentanyl Exploitation Kit

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Tactical Fentanyl Exploitation Kit


 The Tactical Fentanyl Exploitation Kit is the kit you'll need when you roll up on to a stop or during an investigation.  This kit is expressly designed to help protect you from exposure to Fentanyl during searches as well as during testing.

Tactical Fentanyl Exploitation Kit Contains:

  • EOD Gear Rip Away Pouch
  • Fentanyl Bio Bag
  • Cotton Gloves while working with material in the bio bag
  • 2 Medium Screw-Top Viles
  • Nitrile Gloves 5 Pair
  • Forceps
  • X-Acto Handle and Spare  Blades
  • 4-Pronged Parts Grabber
  • 9mm Snap Blade
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