About Us

In 2012, I said to myself, "We have to do better!"

The men and women that put on a Crab, SWAT, Special Operations and First Responders that get up every day to willingly walk into Harm's Way must have better gear and a better way to buy exactly what they want.

Being completely dissatisfied with EOD Kits on the market, Steve Cassidy, former US Navy EOD, designed and programmed the Custom EOD Tool Kit which allows the Tech to select the exact tools needed in the kit with the price that adjust in real-time.  This process is now used for all of our "Build Your Own" kits.  After 9 years, our competitors still are not able to offer the granular level of kit building available at EOD Gear.



Our philosophy is that we never want anyone to buy any gear they don't want or need.  Now we do want all of your money but only if it gives you exactly what you're looking for.

Mission Statement

The EOD Gear T&E facility and Mobile T&E Vehicle, TEV1, were put into place so that Techs as well as other professionals had a place to come in and actually try out the gear and offer another way to build out custom kits in person. Even though you can come in and purchase gear, we're not really set up as a store.  We're more of a permanent trade show that gives you the ability to pick the gear up, try it on and put the gear through some testing.

The Franklin facility is our primary distribution center as well as where we manufacture our MOLLE Lid Organizers, custom foam, Positive Blocks, Landmine Probes, Threat Markers, Inert explosives and HME's, etc.  We also put together EOD kits one tool at a time.  Our IED fabrication center is top notch and completely stocked up with all the parts to make the very basic to the most sophisticated devices you can imagine.  

If you find yourself in the Nashville area, be sure to make the quick drive south to Franklin.  It's a great place to visit and we'd like to meet you in person.

Founded by former US Navy EOD Tech Steve Cassidy in 2012,  EOD-Gear is headquartered out of Franklin, Tennessee along with our Test and Evaluate Facility in Franklin, Tennessee.  We look forward to having you stop in.