Tactical Gear


The requirements for Tactical Gear is ever increasing and extremely difficult to acquire due to the increased speed where technology is introduced enhancing the Tactical effect.

At Training Center Pros, Inc (and our catalog, DUNS 032583797, we get our hands on the gear and begin a strenuous process of checking the Gear out.

Unfortunately, we've had to tell our customers that we will not sell them something because it just won't work in the field.  If it's isn't going to work in the field then you're during a disservice to your specialized Tactic.

If you've gone through some really tough training to be a part of the overall Special Operations Community, whether military, LEO, federal or PMC, then you know it takes a certain level of quality to ensure that a certain piece of gear is going to work, work every time and last the duration of the mission.

We've made a commitment to not only inventory all of our EOD Hand Tools, pouches, backpacks and vests, but we've fired vendors for lack of professional performance finding solutions to problems with gear that will work in the most austere and punishing environments.

Yes, we are a training company and yes our catalog is EOD Gear but our focus is providing you the tactician the best Tactical Gear at a fair and reasonable price.