$15.78 - $16.18

The SERE 70 Personal Lighting System

The SERE 70 LED light stick is equipped with a power source that runs for up to 12 hours and its strong LED gives out more than 10 times the brightness compared to standard chemlight sticks. The light stick has an IP67 water resistance rating and comes in numerous shades.

The integrated on-off switch makes it easy to turn the light off when not in use, saving battery life.

The SERE 70 Lighting System is Available in the following colors:

  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • White
  • Infrared IR
  • Ultra Violet UV +$0.40


This LED light stick has a detachable shroud which can be adjusted to give the user the choice of size and shape for their specific needs. In addition, it is made from long-lasting ABS plastic, making it extremely tough and able to withstand any conditions.


Taking its name from the Survival Evade Resist Escape acronym, Cejay Engineering IR SERE 70 Light Stick is designed to be similar in size and shape to traditional chemical light sticks, making it a reasonable and reusable alternative to the single-use chemlights, while retaining the utility of your chemlight requirements.


The SERE 70 Light Stick is lightweight, convenient, effective, and comes with a 30" lanyard. It contains a durable LED emitter powered by 3 A76 batteries and can be quickly shut off when not in use to preserve light discipline.


A safeguard is included to permit the infrared light to be employed as a tactical illuminator. In dark scenarios, a night vision device's IR illuminator can be risky, but when utilized as a tactical illuminator, the protected SERE can substitute the NVD IR illuminator enabling the IR signal to be steered away from the user's body, significantly improving their security.