Only a chosen few have what it takes to be a SWAT Cop and wandering if your SWAT Gear is going to survive the abuse and keep you alive day after day is something you shouldn't have to worry about.

Your Fight, Skill and Determination are at a peak yet you don't know who's behind the door, if you'll perform flawlessly covering yourself and your team.

With the advancement in technologies over the last decade, it's wrong to have to question whether your gear will hold up.

Now EOD Gear has been equipping SWAT Teams with a "Quality Gear Only" approach because we care and we understand the choices made affect you, your team and your family.  There have been occasions when we refused to bid on quotes because we put people over profits.

EOD Gear has helped many SWAT Teams with Lightweight Armor, Ballistic Helmets and Shields as well as IED Training.

The Plan for you today and going forward is simple:

  1. We answer your questions and configure a best gear loadout for you.
  2. Work with you within your budget and Grant opportunities
  3. Deliver your gear and ensure each piece fits the individual SWAT operator for their specific mission.

You'll want to get started today because if you choose gear that diminishes your skills can lead to devastating results.

To get started give us a call now, 877-363-2626, to schedule an appointment for a phone consultation, or get your hands on the gear first with a visit to our Test & Evaluation Center in Franklin, Tennessee or a visit to your command in our loaded out Test & Evaluate Vehicle.