Only a chosen few have what it takes to be a SWAT Cop and wondering if your gear is going to work day after day is something you shouldn't have to worry about.

EOD Gear has been equipping SWAT Teams for nearly a decade because we understand the gear choices you make affect you and your team.  

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Your Fight, Skill and Determination are at a peak. With the advancement in technologies over the last decade, it's wrong to have to question whether your gear will hold up.

We have helped many SWAT Teams with Lightweight Armor, Ballistic Helmets and Shields, Plate Carriers and IED In a SWAT Environment Training.

  • FBI
  • CIA
  • Shelby County SWAT
  • Tennessee Highway Patrol Special Operations
  • Meza, Arizona SWAT
  • Aurora, Colorado SWAT

And many more! 

The Plan for you going forward is simple:

  1. Get your questions answered and create your dream gear list.
  2. Determine your budget and configure the best gear options.
  3. Your gear is delivered elevating your speed and capabilities.

You'll want to get started today because if you don't, your current gear can lead to devastating results.

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Acquiring Gear on Contract?  No problem!

To get started add the gear you like to your list with the "Add To Quote" button located on each page or get your hands on the gear first with a visit to our Test & Evaluation Center in Franklin.



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