SWAT Drop Kit for Suspicious Packages


SWAT Drop Kit for Suspicious Packages

 Don't fall for Victim Activated Devices.  The SWAT Drop Kit for Suspicious Packages gives you the tools to remotely move 16 potential victim-activated IED's from your path with one pull during SWAT and Entry operations.  The kit contains 2 complete systems allowing a total of 32 items to be remotely moved.


SWAT Drop Kit for Suspicious Packages Includes:

  • Tactical Bag to Carry and Deploy the Kit with Individual Kit Pouches
  • 2 100 foot high visibility remote pull lines with quick-attach loops
  • 30 Red NVG Capable Threat Markers
  • 30 Green NVG Capable Threat Markers
  • 8 Dual Loop Accessory Lines 
  • 16 Dual Open Flat 8 Hooks
  • 16 Endless Loops
  • Training for your team

How the SWAT Drop Kit works:

Each kit contains 2 complete systems. 

Each system contains a 100 foot primary line which can remotely pull 1 to 4 potential IED's simultaneously via 4 integrated loops with hooks on the end of the line to grab onto a suspicious backpack/package. There are a total of 4 loops on the end of each Primary Line.

You can add 1-4 Dual Loop Branch Lines giving you the ability to remotely move up to 8 suspicious packages with one pull.

Each Primary Line has a Loop in the middle.  This allows you to double the amount of suspicious packages to 8. Just connect the 2nd Primarily Line to the middle loop of the 1st Primary Line and pull.


Be sure to consider the Frag Bag option to give yourself and your team a place to store the suspicious package.