IED Components

IED Components

Need IED components to make the most current threats or to take your devices to the next level?

Training Center Pros, Inc., the parent company of has been building devices for EOD commands, US government agencies and law enforcement agencies for over 10 years. 

Not Just IED Components


We supply the IED components but we also supply

  • Inert explosives and caps
  • Containers
  • Wire
  • Power
  • Soldering Stations
  • Volt Meters
  • Test Leads
  • Helping Hands
  • Low Tech springs
  • High Tech Chrome WMD Containment Vessels
  • Complete Low-Tech Devices
  • Complete High-Tech Devices
  • Complete WMD Devices

 and if you need ideas or help trouble shooting during your build, you can give us a call.


EOD Requirements

If you’re tasked with EOD Requirements that include sourcing anything IED, you can count on Training Center to interpret the requirement so you can properly quote and win the contract. We can navigate the requirements and interpret them more quickly for your team saving you time and money.

We can assist your team with:

  • Operational Personnel – All military EOD Techs go to the same school but our specialties are not the same.
  • EOD IED Instructors – We’ll screen for the best fit to your customers
  • EOD Gear, Tools and Equipment
  • EOD and IED Training – from basic awareness in a classroom to the most complex, inter-agency WMD scenarios in the most Austere Environments

Get started today by picking up some of our IED components and other builder gear or give us a call at 877-EOD-2626.


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