12 Position Terminal Block


12 Position Terminal Block

Terminal Block White Screw Terminal Connector Dual Row Electric Barrier Block 12-Position Terminal Strip, 10 Amp 380 V

  • Insulated flame-retardant shell: these block connectors adopt flame-retardant PP material shell, which feature with insulation, corrosion resistance and wear resistance; They can stand temperature between minus 40 to 150 degrees Celsius, have nice electrical conductivity
  • Crimping performance: the plated zinc alloy screws and copper-plated zinc alloy terminals have excellent stability and conductivity, can serve you for a long time
  • Easy to install: you just need to strip the wires, and insert them into the terminal strip and tighten the screws, no need for troublesome welding; What's more, you can use scissors or other tools, cut the screw terminal block become small parts as you need
  • Multi-purpose: these dual row screw terminals can be applied for any training device
  • Safe to use: the set screws secure wires reliable contact, and help prevent accidental contact with the terminals

Material: copper, PP
Color: white
Suitable wire: 2.5 m㎡ wire
Voltage: 380V
Current: 10A
Weight: 155g