12 Position Junction Bar Strip


12 Position Junction Bar Strip

15A 600V 12 Position Covered Dual Row Screw Terminal Barrier Strip Block Connector Bar

  • The shell can not break in an environment with low temperature, it is clean and beautiful with smooth surface
  • Volume -small, good electrical conductivity, the shape of the screw hole closed guide, not only can conveniently operate, but also prevents the screw from falling out
  • Used in power supply, communication, cable, fiber optics, sensors, etc.; Each pair of terminals is insulated from the next, prevent circuit in disorder
  • Waterproof and Insulation; Easy to slide wire, easy to use ;Gasket compaction is not dissolved, solid and reliable
  • The potential distribution can be accomplished through access to the central terminal fittings or insert plug body side connector terminals; The piece are connected with a complete with excellent electrical conductivity metal contact and the contact piece

Material: ABS plastic
Colour: Black
Maximum rated voltage: 600V
AMPS Maximum Rated: 15A
Poles: 12-pin (two rows)
Quantity: 1
Weight: 244g(appr.)
Size: 12.7x2.2x1.6cm / 5 "x0.87" x0.63 "(appr.)