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Custom Special Operations Watches

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Custom Special Operations Watches will stand up to operations and bone-crushing depths of 900 FSW.

Currently we have EOD, SEAL and German Kampfschwimmer watches.  As the Exclusive US Distributor for Bombfrog Watches, we would like to offer commands the opportunity to have their own logo on this working dive watch.

At EOD Gear we only offer the best gear and custom solutions.  In the future we would also like to offer Special Forces, SWAT, Ranger, PJ, CCT as well as Agency friends.

Water Proof to 900 FSW and Tritium Face Markings will make this your Go-To watch for years to come.

Contact us about Minimum Order Quantities and pricing.

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EOD is the acronym for Explosive Ordnance Disposal.  The first lesson in EOD is knowing how to properly spell Ordnance.  Many times you'll see Ordnance spelled with an "i" between the "d" and the "n" which is the correct spelling for a type of law or rule.  There is no "I" in Bomb...or Ordnance.All 4 [...]

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Bomb Suit Ride Across America

Bomb Suit Ride Across American is coming to Nashville!Hey y'all!Just wanted to let everyone know I invited Bobby Klepper and the Bomb Suit Ride Across America to Nashville when a couple of other cities declined on hosting the effort.Their loss is our gain!I'd like to give a special Thank You to Betsy Boswell of Boswell [...]

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Lost EOD Tool Guarantee

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2015 EOD Wounded Warrior Memorial and Auction

It's weird for me, as I'm sure it is for others, to look forward to a Memorial Service to honor those EOD Techs that paid the Ultimate Sacrifice last year and all the years prior.  We remember.It's the stirring of intellectual and emotional understanding of the risks involved in wearing the Crab and the camaraderie [...]

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Navy EOD Workout Pain - Make it work for you

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Christmas Gifts for EOD Techs

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EOD Gear App

EOD Gear App The EOD Gear App is now available for Android with an expected release date on September 25th.   How many times have you been in the field and need to find out if there's gear available?  Now you can go straight to the app to find all of the EOD equipment, tools and accessories. You [...]

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