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Societal Pressure

As we scream into the holiday season we are bombarded with commercials which are very well crafted for TV, FB, IG or any other digital format  to elicit a feeling of worth or lack of worth in order to get us to buy something. We are being squeezed by societal pressure put on us everyw
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Cyber Monday

Black Friday was the day of the year that "Retailers" could either make or break their year.  With the proliferation of the internet, an online shopping day was borne out of folks having to go back to work but still wanted to, needed to, keep shopping, Cyber Monday.Times are changing and fewer
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Small Business Saturday Support

What is SDVOSBNever a shortage for acronyms and SDVOSB stands for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.Approaching backwards is probably easier. The SB, Small Business, means we are a small business which can be measured by annual revenue and or the number of employees. We qualify on both
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