3D & Augmented Reality Landmine Awareness Training Available

3D & Augmented Reality Landmine Awareness Training Available

Posted by Steve Cassidy Former US Navy EOD, CEO EOD Gear on Apr 05, 2024

It's been said, " A picture is worth a thousand words." over the course of time. What is a 3D and Augmented Reality image worth when it comes to training in high risk scenarios?

EOD Gear is now making this type of training available to all that are in the business of ordnance and specifically landmines. Whether you're active duty military, a volunteer or working in the HMA space, we hope you will find this training as a resource for you going forward.

Pictured is the PMN-4 Anti Personnel Landmine commonly used in Ukraine as well as many other conflict zones around the globe.

In addition to 3D viewing of landmines and other ordnance, you will be able to view the ordnance on your desk or in the field by clicking the "View in AR" button.

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If you're looking for landmines and other ordnance items for your training scenarios, EOD Gear manufactures training aids of all kinds. Click HERE to see them.