Test and Evaluate

Test and Evaluate HAL Wall Anchor


The HAL Wall Anchor is now available for a no-cost T&E for the first 100 commands.

This anchor is about the size of a VisiPad so you know it will fit in the smallest of kits.  

The Anchor is carrier completely flat until you need it.  Just push out the eye ring and connect your favorite breakaway pulley.

We're limiting the T&E to one panel per command.  Fill out the form below and we'll get it out to you.



Test and Evaluate Gerber Ding Dong


If you're a Certified TBT Bomb Tech, EOD or SWAT member and would like to T and E the Gerber Ding Dong, fill out the form below.


Test and Evaluate Ceramic EOD Scissors


Test and Evaluate the new EOD Gear Ceramic Scissors for Free!


We're so confident that you'll love our EOD Ceramic Scissors, you'll want everyone in your command to have a set...or two!

We're limiting the T&E to one or two people per command to receive one or two sets based on the size of the Squad or Command.


As soon as we receive your information, we'll get these in the mail to you.


What Details We Need:

Command POC

Command Name

Command Shipping Address

Phone Number

.MIL or .GOV email address


We'd like to get a set of these scissors out to every Bomb Squad in the US and every Military EOD Command where ever they are.  Can you forward this page to three or four Techs that you went to school with or worked with at a training exercise or event?  


The scissors are already available for sale and bulk pricing is already set up and automatically applies if you buy 6 or more sets.


Thank you and we look forward to getting a set out to you.