Active IR Sensor


Active IR Sensor

This Active IR Sensor package is a Pair of Single Beam Infrared Sensors, DC 12V Waterproof Photoelectric Barrier Detector Active IR Detector for IED Training Aids

IR Beam Sensor (Active Infra-Red)

  • The detector is with NO siren function.
  • Used for motion detection and alarm signal sending.
  • Infrared Detector ONLY, other devices are NOT included.
  • Single beam active infrared detector with built-in AGC control circuit.
  • With strong light adjustment function, it can avoid interference of strong light and car headlights.

Principle: Infrared Detect
Receiver range: less than 20m
Infra-red frequency: 1.92KHZ
Power supply: 12-24V DC
Max. Loading: 1A DC 36V
Wavelength: 940nm
Input:RX 15mA to TX 30mA
Operating temperature: -20-70℃
Relay output: 1A max 30V
Temperature: 20 to 70 ℃
Size (Each One) : 7.5x4.8x3cm/3''x1.9''x1.2'' (L*W*T)

Installation Steps:
1. Install the receiving part first, then install the transmitting part.
2. When the two parts are at the same level, the OFF light in the receiver is off.
3. Then fix it and connect the wire to install it.


  • Since transmit power of this product is high, there may be no detection response when the transmitter and receiver are too close, please extend their distance to more than 1M and try again.
  • When the actual installation distance is too close and causing the situation of insensitivity, the condenser lens in the transmitter and receiver can be removed to increase the sensitivity.