Mini PIR Motion Sensor


Mini PIR Motion Sensor

Passive Infra-Red DC 12V to 30V 3A Mini PIR Motion Sensor Switch - Occupancy Sensor Switch (Black-Without Light Sensor)

PIR (Passive infrared) Motion sensor is pyroelectric device can detect human movement by detecting Infrared ray emitted by human body. Operating voltage is 12~24VDC, and output voltage is equal to input voltage. High sensitivity, Easy to install.

Automatic Induction

When people enter into the sensing range, Motion sensor will output a voltage equal to input voltage, after the delay time, it will output 0V; During the delay time if motion detected, the delay time will reset, and start a new delay time.


IED Training Devices


Operating voltage DC: 12V

Load current : 3A

Trigger way : Continuous triggering

Blockade time: 0 seconds

Size: 48*25*14 mm