PIR Training Device


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PIR Training Device

Passive Infrared (PIR) IEDs have been used since the beginning of the war on terrorism.  They have been implemented by numerous terrorist organizations and groups ranging in all shapes and sizes from basic home PIRs to integrated Arduino circuits.  These sensors can be used in various setups such as EFPs, antipersonnel, or even protecting WMDs.  It is important that bomb technicians remain vigilant and train for PIR defeat.  This PIR training device allows you to do just that. 

This device comes with a PIR, circuit, 9V battery, safe and arming switch and light, and an inert detonator and buzzer.  Purchase your choice of Inert Explosives Charges HERE for this device.

PIR Training Device Specs:

  • Mini commercial off the shelf PIR
  • Simple Circuitry
  • Integrated into a water resistant box