EFP Array Training Device


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EFP Array Training Device

What is an EFP Bomb? The EFP (Explosively Formed Projectile) is an area specific IED charge commonly found overseas and used by terrorists.  It was designed for the penetration of thick steel/armor using one or several copper disc backed by an explosive charge.  This training aid is constructed of five large PVC tubes with a copper disc pressed inside each container.  Inert plastic explosives are then packed behind the disc.  All of the charges are then concealed in a foam housing and then camouflaged.  The charges are also linked together with inert det cord and come together at a pig tail for a inert blasting cap.  This charge can be added to any IED circuit of your choosing and will add a realistic feel to your next training scenario. 


EFP Array Training Device Specs:

  • (5) PVC EFP Charges

  • Inert C4 Explosive Filled

  • Det Cord Linked with Pig Tail


    We offer a complete line of initiators and trigger devices to use in conjunction with the EFP bomb.


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