BFD Energy Dispersal Pad


BFD Energy Dispersal Pad

Stay in the fight with a Back Face Deformation or BFD Energy Dispersal Pad can keep you in the fight after taking one or more rounds in your body armor. From the moment of impact for about 30 seconds, how will you be able to fight and what will your attacker be able to do?

Lightweight rifle plates are great weighing in at 1 to 3 pounds.  BFD can cause significant injuries that can keep you out of work for several months. With you lightweight rifle plates and a DARKMATTER dispersal pad you can stay in the fight and on the job.


BFD Energy Dispersal Pad SPECS:

  • Reduce dangerous energy transfer and back face deformation (BFD) more effectively than any product on the market
  • Maintain resiliency in multi-hit scenarios
  • Lightweight, slim form factor allows for quick and easy integration with existing hard or soft armor systems
  • Improve fitment and comfort of body-worn armor for all genders, sizes, and body types
  • Field tested and Gold rated as part of the National Tactical Officers Association Member Tested & Recommended program
  • Manufactured in the USA at our VOSB-certified partner facility